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Wild Caught in Time! ~ Your Health ~ Part I

What does it mean to be wild-caught? As it relates to fish, “Wild-caught fish are caught by fishermen in their natural habitats — rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.” ( As it relates to us, HOME is a place of refuge, a retreat from the outside world where we can be who we are and be safe.

One of my favorite quotes:

"HOME.  The most emotional, heart-felt, one-syllable word ever invented."

It seems as if COVID-19 fell upon us fast and furious. And it did in many ways. As I “cocoon” in place, at home I’m constantly reminding myself to be intentional about finding some beauty in this beast. “This is temporary”, I remind myself. I believe that fully.

There’s no question life right now is daunting on countless levels. In the spirit of “glass half full”, I’m seeing various aspects of society and even personally, parts of myself, being stirred and shaken. Essentially, waking up, perhaps like “beauty from ashes”.

I also believe this is an opportunity for individual & community transformation, a time for business transformation, a time to find and create opportunities to live more fully. Humanity can & will thrive through this somehow!

Time is a resource and we now have the opportunity to wisely utilize time at

home without the usual hectic schedules, to examine as many aspects of our life as possible and make them better, more holistic.

Find YOUR harmony – take it slow and make it productive all at once.

For your health - perhaps this is THE #1 priority! Tune in & tap in from the inside out and consider the ways you might be super mindful about what you eat, when you eat, and also be thoughtful about getting enough exercise & rest. This is a golden opportunity to refresh your health & well-being --- At Home.

Two Thoughtful Tips:

1) Steeped in Mindful Moments. In the comfort of your own kitchen, make a cup of tea or hot beverage in your favorite mood-boosting cup. Sit with it, wrap your hands around it, while it steeps or brews and focus on your breathing. I learned the following Breath Ladder exercise from Anne Rollins, Sports Dietician and Co-owner of Embody Fitness and loved it.

The Breath Ladder

Inhale for 2 counts and exhale for 4 counts;

Inhale for 3 counts and exhale for 6;

Inhale for 4 counts and exhale for 8; and

Inhale for 5 counts and exhale for 10

Apply the Pilates Breath: Seated or standing, be sure to lengthen through your torso & engage your core as you breathe in and out. The trick is on the inhale, gently expand through the ribs NOT through the abdominals.

Keep the core engaged. Then, knit the ribs together on the exhale.

Engage your core breathing in AND breathing out.

~~~ Remember - do what feels good & feels comfortable ~~~

2) A Simple Back Stretch. Most of us are spending hours in front of our computer working from home. This exercise helps to counter balance the forward head of screen time; to release tension from the neck, spine, & upper back. Sit tall in a chair, feet resting on the floor. Place hands behind head without tightly interlacing fingers. With a light touch, press fingertips to head, focus forward then gently shift your gaze upward so that you feel a comfortable arch in the back & lengthening of your abdominals. Stay lifted in the torso & engage your core, drawing the navel to the low back spine. Chest and heart are open. Hold for 3 – 5 breaths and return to starting position. Repeat 2 – 3x to counteract the hours of seated work at the computer.

In peace, safety & well-being,


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