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3 Essentials to Pivot Y-O-U!

There’s no question that in the past couple weeks each of us has made countless adjustments to life. We are all making our way through and figuring out how to stay safe, protect our livelihood, and maintain our physical and mental well-being. My hope is that a few of these ideas might inspire you to Pivot YOU!

1) Wild Caught in Time!

I believe this is an opportunity for individual & community transformation, a time for business transformation, a time to find and create opportunities to live more fully.

Time is a resource and we now have the opportunity to wisely utilize time at

home without the usual hectic schedules to examine as many aspects of our life as possible and make them better, more holistic. Perhaps even encourage optimal alignment and efficiency.

For your health - perhaps this is THE #1 priority! Tune in & tap in from the inside out and consider the ways you might be super mindful about what you eat, when you eat, and also be thoughtful about getting enough exercise & rest. This is a golden opportunity to refresh your health & well-being

For your business – for many, this is a PRIME time to create and innovate your business to be ready for the next productive season that WILL come! There’s always more than meets the eye. What happens NOW behind the scenes will result in a “suddenly” with the time is right. Remember, preparation meets opportunity!

For your heart – On purpose & wide open, look for opportunities to be more mindful, express gratitude, help others, initiate & be part of a neighborhood network! I need you & you need me. We are in this together!

1) Realign & Redefine!

Shelter in Place VS. Cocooning = One feels confining the other, nurturing. Which would you choose? I love the idea of cocooning as it brings to mind the beautiful image of the butterfly that strengthens its wings when it’s time to emerge (or tear out) of its cocoon. In fact, if someone were to cut the cocoon, the butterfly would lose the opportunity to strengthen its wings and would not be able to fly. That process of cocoon to butterfly just might apply here!

Social distancing VS. Physical Distancing = We still need to be connected, perhaps now more than ever. People need people. And we are blessed with the technology to do so. I admit, it’s not the same, but it’s a terrific option! We are still intricately intertwined in so many ways, on so many levels. Let’s keep reaching out!

2) Good News!

Look for it and share it! Jeff Vanderclute of uses the phrase “connecting the global heart”. Replace “global” with community, neighborhood, or family…however you might, we are connected and we all need to be encouraged with positive stories and messages.

Closing Notes:

Even if the odds are a million to one…it’s worth it! My hope is that you too get creative with your life, your health, your business, your communications to

connect with others and recreate aspects of life in fresh, profound ways.

I'll be thrilled to hear how you Pivot Y-O-U!

In peace, safety & well-being,


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