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Wild Caught in Time! Your Heart ~ Part III

On purpose & wide open, let’s encourage each other to LOOK for opportunities to be more mindful, express compassions & gratitude.

Dive deep! Compassion & gratitude go both ways… towards yourself & towards others.

1) For self ~ take a few moments every day to appreciate YOU. We all need gentle reminders to nurture our inner self (and inner child).

2) For others ~ help, initiate, reach out ~ it feels so good to be remembered and have a sense of belonging! That’s the purpose of community. Whether it’s neighborhood, church, or family, that familiar thread offers the necessary comfort & support to move through challenges.

Compassion for self & others helps us connect in more meaningful ways. I need you & you need me. We are in this together!

Bite-Sized is Better!

It’s so important to remind ourselves to take life one day at a time with the simple phrase:

“this too shall pass”.

Dive deep! When the going gets tough…let’s be kind to ourselves but also fierce about guarding & encouraging our hearts.

1) Take a moment and shift your focus to something you CAN control. One question I often ask myself is “how can I make today meaningful or productive?”. I find this question redirects my mindset towards possibility and away from worry and fear.

Dear friends, thank you for taking the time to read the Pivot YOU series &

for hanging with me here! I’m with you in spirit!

In peace, safety & well-being,


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