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John I

"I would like to take the time and try to express what Pixie accomplished as my wife and mine’s agent. I decided to sell the home I had been born in and had lived almost all my 61 years. The amount that had been collected in this home with two families one with four children and one with three children all to adulthood was astonishing, as were the memories. The idea to sell cane suddenly and by a chance meeting I met Pixie and fortunately made her our agent. Through this stressful and emotional period she was always there to comfort and reassure, always on the same page never pushing any agenda but the one we had in mind. She always agreed and supported everything during this period going way above and beyond what anyone would expect from a real estate agent to help us meet our final goal, which we accomplished with her help. We got the price we had hoped for and sold exactly when we wanted. I became a close friend of Pixie and remain one and will always be one. In closing Pixie puts your needs and feelings above everything else. I recommend her to you with out any hesitation."

Steven & Pamela D

"My husband and I recently contracted with Pixie to sell our home. In the meantime we found ourselves in a situation with family members that required selling their house. Pixie stepped right up and worked “miracles”. There were lots of things that had to be addressed - a family trust, septic system concerns, along with the usual concerns about how to present a home for sale. She guided us all along the way, did extensive leg work and helped us make good decisions leading to a successful sale in a very timely manner, for which we and our entire extended family are very grateful.We look forward to continuing to work with Pixie as she helps us sell our own home in the near future."

John & Ali F

"We met Pixie at an open house in our neighborhood and both immediately liked her. Her genuine interest in our family and commitment to assisting us throughout the process of selling our home was evident very early. Pixie was immensely helpful to our family throughout the process of preparing, listing, and ultimately selling our home. She is an excellent balance of kindness and competence, caring and professionalism. What was extremely helpful early in our process was her commitment to truly understanding and meeting the needs of our family as we prepared our home to list with two small children and a specific work/vacation calendar we were trying to work within. She sent us boxes and coached us in what to pack up and spruce up prior to Pixie handling all the staging and photos. She provided several referrals for other providers, including a law office with which we were also very satisfied. Pixie’s management of the entire process made it possible for our family to sell and move in a very tight time frame as smoothly as possible."

Mike & Clare D.

"Throughout our home sale process, Pixie provided us with the best individualized service we've received from anyone in any industry. She seemed to always be one step ahead of our thought process and provided honest, insightful advice. We were most impressed by Pixie’s extreme responsiveness and her ability to make any problems we had simply go away.    Pixie goes above and beyond what you might expect of an agent.  This is the kind of service you can expect if you hire her.  Read her other reviews and you will find a consistent theme."

Khristy & Andy

"We were so lucky to be referred to Pixie and to have her help us with our home buying experience. As first time buyers, we knew little about home-buying and had lots of questions. Pixiepatiently and courteously navigated us through every step of the process, using her impressive knowledge and instincts to help us understand the pros and cons of every decision. She supported us at every turn and always sympathized with the inevitable stresses of making such big decisions--of course, her calm, cheery demeanor did wonders to help minimize those stresses. She is a great listener who works tirelessly on her clients' behalf, going to bat for them whenever necessary. Even after closing on our new home, Pixie remains thoughtfully engaged, providing great resources for vendors and making sure we are comfortably settled. We would be hard pressed to find another agent so dedicated, organized, and professional. We eagerly recommend her services at every opportunity and would ourselves be thrilled to work with her again."

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